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Water Treatment Engineering



BACK Water Treatment Engineering


1.double drum dryer

spec as follow:

1.treat volume: 300~800 kg/hr

2.water%: before 80%  to after 10%

3.feeding temp: 70 degree

4.max temp: 165 degree

5.heat source: steam / design pressure 0.8MPaG

6.operation pressure: 0.4~0.7 MPaG

7.material: depend

common process as follow:

2.vacuum dryer


1.can cut down waste water volume and dehydrated to 5~10%, or water content 10~20% waste water.

2.unique scrapper inside, can discharge residue automatically and prevent scalling on shell.

3.low cost, save energy.

4.low temp evaporation, save space.

5.continuously working, fully automatic.