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Distillation System

Distillation System

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Distillation System

Manufacturing by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment Co., Ltd


Distillation System

1.We providing  the initial and basic planning of the distillation process.
2.We offer our SFLOW™ packed columns, tray column, and/or random packing column.
3.Can applied wide range of process due to its feature of low pressure drop.
4.We design and manufacturing of distillation process equipment and/or component .
5.”Column-In-Column™”, known as DWC or Divided Wall Column especially for multicomponent separation process.
6.We plan and construct plants, including necessary related facilities, raw-material handling and product tank yards.

Sumitomo’s SFLOW™, structured packing, exhibits excellent separation performance over a wide range of process, from low liquid throughput to high liquid throughput due to special surface treatments and its unique structures.

Sumitomo developed Column-In-Column™ which provides an energy-saving distillation system for multicomponent separation process. This system decreases energy, space, piping-work, instrumentation etc, and accordingly reduce both initial and running costs.

Columns, Re-Boilers and Condensers are the main equipments for distillation process and derive the excellent performance of SFLOW™ structured packing, trays and random packing We have abundant design and manufacturing experience for various code and non-code products and control those quality.

We did not limit our service to supply only SFLOW™, the internals and main equipment. We offer EPC services as total solution of distillation plant, such as basic design, detail design, manufacturing, procurement, piping design, and electric instrumentation design.